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Statutory Declaration - driving offence

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Eightisalotoflegsdavid Thu 21-Apr-16 12:47:01

So an not to drip feed, the potted history is that I didn't change the address on my driving licence (yes, I know, I know). Upshot is that I have been convicted of a speeding offence in my absence and now need to go to my local magistrate court to give a statutory declaration to halt the proceedings.

Has anyone got any experience in this? I am waiting to hear back from the court as to when this will be scheduled for but I'm going on holiday in May so am a bit worried!


HandbagFan Thu 21-Apr-16 15:34:46

It won't be your driving license it will be your V5... A separate offence so thought they're less likely to prosecute. Get that sorted out pronto.

For help and to read the experience of others I'd really recommend going to

The statutory declaration is a daily event for the court but has to be performed within 21 days of you finding out about the prosecution so needs to be done before you go away.

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