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School travel insurance policies & cancellation

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Housemum Mon 18-Apr-16 10:21:35

My daughter is due to go on a school overseas trip in a couple of months. We have been having various issues around mental health/eating which is making me wonder whether she will even be allowed to go now. Does anyone have access to the terms and conditions of school travel policies to know if there is a possibility to claim the money back if the GP advises against her going? She isn't covered on our family policy as that relies on one of the adults being there. The school website only has a summary of the terms (it's provided by a firm called JLT as are most in the county) and I don't want to call the school as there is still the chance she will turn herself around in the next couple of months and I don't want the school to refuse to take her. (They are aware of her issues and are working with us, I don't think the teachers have even considered the trip and I don't want to flag it at this early stage and have them cancel her place. If they did that, I guess I would have just lost the money?)

Housemum Mon 18-Apr-16 10:24:11

Just realised it sounds bad to be thinking about the money, but we really scrimped and saved to get the money together as it was a trip she had wanted to go on since she first applied to go to the school, and if she can't go it would be good to have the money back to put towards going away as a family in summer.

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