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kbuns95 Sat 16-Apr-16 22:20:53

My Sons Father, yesterday handed me a photocopy of a C1A form, and has told me he now has parental residency of my Son, he has accused me of emotional and physiological abuse, because of a now EX partner. He has also falsely accused me of still being with said ex partner and has said he fears for my sons well being.

He told me yesterday i could contest against him but it would still mean that he had temporary residency, in the paperwork it clearly states i am allowed to see my son UNSUPERVISED. however he has now said he wont allow that, I have the phone call recorded.

last night i went to the police station and reported the incident and they have told me to go to a solicitor (I had already made an appointment for Monday morning)

Also in this report he has made false accusations of my son witnessing domestic violence, which is a lie and i have the police report to prove it.

one of the reasons i think he is doing this is because he wants my money (as i currently have residency of my son) I receive income support.

I'm also concerned because my son has asthma, I have had conversations with his father before because he has been smoking and lighting incense sticks in his property with my son which will affect his asthma.

When this all happened yesterday he repeatedly asked me if i was going to contest against him every time he asked i said i didn't have to tell him that information he then in front of our son swore and shouted this made me cry and my son got upset because he had made him jump and i was crying.

in a phone call today, he refused to tell me which court he had been to, whether he had a court order or not and also whether he had only sent in an application or he has in fact been granted residency. He also said he was 'ten steps ahead of me' and he had something else against me, but would not tell me what it was.

My concerns for my son are growing. His father has only had him a couple of days a week since we broke up a year ago this has been very on and off. in the c1a, he has lied and said he has been the main care giver for our son over the past 4 months. this is untrue.

Can anyone please give me any advice please?


i have looked over this paper work again and he has not filled in my details, only my previous address and my name.

i have already posted this in another thread so i will leave the link here for that as i answered a lot of questions in there -

if anyone can give me any advice i would be very grateful. thank you

beanabonce Sun 17-Apr-16 11:24:34

I do believe a c1a is usually attaced to a C100 form, Or a C2 to ask permission to file?
If the C1a doesnt have a court stamp it would be likely that it is something hes printed as a scare tactic. (but now you know his intention)
I'd go to nursery and have a meeting with his key worker or the manager,
Also call cafcass as there is usually a phone call or meeting with them before a first court hearingas the respondent you'd have had notice via email or post.
put all of the facts on to paper and take them to your solicitor on monday.
You could also call the court monday morning and give your name and address and see if there is any hearings on their system that match. (The court chosen is the one closest to the childs resident parents address, if hes claiming your son lives with him then and some distance away then call that one)
Hope this helps.
smile Good luck for tomorrow

kbuns95 Sun 17-Apr-16 11:40:10

thank you, this is all just so frustrating as it is the weekend, in the paper work he has not put my current address, date of birth, contact number or even the correct name. Thank you for your advice.

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