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stock cert confiscated

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123rd Tue 12-Apr-16 00:02:33

Got a bit of an annoying problem
With some shares that I own. Going back to Sept 2015...
I'm trying to sell some shares that are floated on NYSE. Im in the UK.
I opened an account with a broker who was able to do this -lots of stock brokers can't deal in NYSE stocks.
Filled in all paperwork and sent them the paper certificate for them to
Arrange the sale.
After lots of chasing from me I was told the paper cert had been confiscated by the USA registrars
This could be due to a name change-me getting married, or the company going thru mergers etc. or that it's a paper very that was issued in 2000!
Anyway I have eventually got hold of the registrars to be told
"According to our records, the certificate in question were issued in in book entry form on December 31, 2009, after the reincorporation and those holdings were recently exchanged into the account listed above. "

Can anyone explain what this actually means?????
Thank you

OutToGetYou Tue 12-Apr-16 00:11:27

Is it an old cert and the Co has changed its name or status and you need to supply the replacement cert?

Has the registrar always had your up to date address, could the Co name have changed and you not been sent your new cert?

123rd Tue 12-Apr-16 00:16:28

Co has gone thru at least two name changes. I bought the shares when we first floated thru the employees share save scheme. Thought I'd hold onto them until we needed some cash.
I've married, moved house twice and basically forgot about them.
The UK based co I have opened up the account with are useless.
So, I'm trying to get the registrars to give me some answers.
They have my up to date info now, but hadn't previously.
Do you know if getting an electronic share cert is a straight forward thing?


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