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hurtandconfued2016 Fri 08-Apr-16 19:42:54

Hi just wondering has anyone been taken to court by their ex for contact? If so what's it like?

Fourormore Fri 08-Apr-16 20:33:17

It will vary based on your situation. Is there something specifically that you're worried about? A certain reason you're not in agreement to his request for contact?

hurtandconfued2016 Fri 08-Apr-16 20:51:43

Okay I'll give a wee bit of background. Ex left 3 months ago (was 32 weeks pregnant). We agreed he would see kid 3 days one over night (mainly because my son is still young and lots of changes going on). I went to a lawyer got it all in a letter and that for him. I will be honest and say I have stopped him having my son once (the morning I found out he had been cheating and was in a relationship with ow 2 weeks after he left). Other than that I have been encouraging all contact allowing him to come put him to bed.
Valentines weekend my mum was coming out from hospital after cancer treatment so I asked him to have our son for one night. (In which he told me he ruined his weekend). He never asked to see my son after that. I went in to have his daughter at the start of March and asked him to come to the section (he said no) I asked him to come meet the baby day she was born he didn't but his family did. He eventually replied to my lawyers letter 6 weeks after receiving mine and in this time not seeing the kids.
We sat down with his rota and he reduced his days as it was inconvenient for him to come and collect the kids on the 3rd day. (He stays 10 mins away from me). I was then taken into hospital and I asked him to keep our son (he was off work) I had no one else to look after him. My dad had the baby (he is got health problems right now and a 2 year old wasn't going to help). He told me he isn't there for emergency childcare because he has his own life. To which I said well if he can't help me in emergencies I don't see why I should sort out everything without.going down the legal route.
He then yesterday had a go at me telling me he is taking me to court for the kids and that I am a bad mother.
We just never agree I am receiving councilling at the moment and I told them about how he only changed my son 3 times in 25 hrs so now they want to get social services involved. I also said I wanted the wee man's hair cut and then when he dropped him off he had went and got his hair cut and hadn't bothered with my son.
I just feel like instead of a dad he is a babysitter and maybe if we go to court he will be made to help me more?

Help201602 Fri 08-Apr-16 21:36:02

The court can't make him be a better father sadly. I know it's not fair but my daughters dad has been the same. He brings her back from contact early, doesn't turn up and cancels last minute, so I've learnt not to rely on him and to always have a back up plan, for example if I'm working. After 11years of it, my daughter has begun to see him for what he is, with no input from me. But she knows I'm always here for her.

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