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can anyone help me understand this private parking appeal thingy? I'm too scared to post on moneysavingexpert!

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yoink Wed 06-Apr-16 18:29:11

I've been trawling MSE for what to do but the information is so bloody confusing and newbies seem to get shouted at for starting new threads!

So any kind souls around that could help me please?

I overstayed on a Morrison's (and other shops) car park. They're charging me £100 or £60 if paid in 14 days.

I checked through the MSE threads and from what I understand:
If a ticket is put on your windscreen in comes under para 8 of POFA 2012 and the follow up letter has to arrive within 28 days.

If a ticket is not put on your windscreen and the first you hear of it is by post, then it comes under para 9 of POFA 2012 and has to arrive within 14 days.

I did not have a windscreen ticket and the parking charge notice is dated one month after the incident.

So why have they rejected my appeal? Can anybody help me understand? I find law very difficult to read and comprehend.

Any help gratefully received flowers

yoink Thu 07-Apr-16 09:08:46

can anybody help?

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