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Cohabitation agreements and assets

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Derbyday Tue 05-Apr-16 17:33:55

My DP might be moving in to my house soon. I own the house with a mortgage and have 2DC who are there 50% of the time. I will lose child benefit if he moves in.

He owns a house but will sell it because the recent changes to mortgage interest tax relief for rental properties makes it pointless to rent it out.

I have said we need to have a cohabitation agreement. I am happy for him to buy into my house but I paid a 15% deposit 2 years ago and have since spent approx £6k on home improvements. Is it fair to ask that he pays 15% of the CURRENT value for an equal share? He earns more than me so I don't think it'd be fair to merge finances as I also have my DC to fund.

If he doesn't go on the deeds I want to charge rent so would the cohabitation agreement guarantee that he has no future claim on my house in the event of a split?

Collaborate Tue 05-Apr-16 17:58:24

That sounds fair. He'll be selling his house at today's values, not 2 years ago values. Perhaps he should also pay £6,000 for improvements.

You are right in the final paragraph. The agreement should say what he's paying you, and that he's not getting an interest in the house in return.

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