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Electrician charging me fifty five quid for nothing! Any advice please?

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Spangletangle Fri 01-Apr-16 19:24:49

We waited about a week for this appointment so not an emergency call out. He stood in my kitchen for five minutes, flicked a couple of switches on the cooker and said he couldn't fix it. End of. They said nothing to me at any point about a call out charge so now they say 55 pound covers their overheads and they always charge call out regardless of whether any work was actually done. Any advice for me? I think it's daylight robbery.

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Fri 01-Apr-16 20:08:13

Sorry but you need to check whether there is a call out charge beforehand. Time is money don't forget

Spangletangle Fri 01-Apr-16 20:41:43

Their website says they don't do call out charges and offers free quotes. And even if time is money five minutes of time and no actual service? I'm going to set myself up as some sort of tradesperson, go round folks houses to tell them I can't fix anything and kerching!

Toria2014 Fri 01-Apr-16 20:44:50

If their website says no call out fees, then they are a bit out of order to try and charge you! I would tell them to do one and cite their website!

BombadierFritz Fri 01-Apr-16 20:47:21

Did you pay? If not, just refuse if the website says no call out. Do they even.have the expertise to fix a cooker? Isnt that usually a 'cooker repair person' job?

Floggingmolly Fri 01-Apr-16 20:50:23

Refuse to pay. It sounds like the no call out charges thing only applies if they actually do something chargeable; the the extra will be neatly disguised in the bill as something else.

cdtaylornats Tue 05-Apr-16 07:43:21

Inform Trading standards as well.

Lweji Tue 05-Apr-16 07:47:28

Btw, make sure you screen copy the website with a time stamp or save it.
They might change it.
And send it to trading standards before you tell them you're not paying and the reason why.

Collaborate Tue 05-Apr-16 08:49:14

I agree with the others. They only charge for providing a service, not for turning up.

Don't pay. And screenshot.

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