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Anon24 Wed 30-Mar-16 09:29:27

Hi all
My ex has decided he wants more access to our ds.
He had very little to do with ds for the first 3 years, once ds started pre-school he decided he wanted to play the 'doting dad' role.
Me and ds moved out when ds was nearly 1 and I allowed him to see ds every Monday and Friday evening, but it only happened when it suited him so was not very often.
Last year I received a solicitor letter asking for lots of access, I spoke to him and arranged access between us. Which we agreed to every other Saturday day time and every other Monday evening..
Easter weekend was supposed to be his Saturday so I asked if we could swap a weekend, we have done this before on both sides, either when he's been busy or away or we have family arrangements. He wouldn't agree to this as ds had been invited to a party on his side of the family. We agreed that ds would decide what he would rather do. He is 6 so I thought he's old enough to make a decision. Anyway ds called his dad on 22nd at 6:45 saying he wanted to stay with us Easter weekend because he didn't want to go to the party. On 24th I received another letter from his solicitor saying that arrangements were to stay as they are and ds should go to his dad.. The solicitor wanted a reply to this letter by the end of business on 24th!! Bit difficult when I didn't receive the letter until 6pm due to being at work!!
The letter stated that ds to go to his dad's on 2nd April overnight.. (Which isn't his weekend) it also states he wants ds for min of 2 weeks over summer hols and from 4pm on Xmas eve - 4pm Xmas day.
Where do I stand with all of this?

On a different matter of maintenance... He hasn't paid up to date since October 2015 and now is refusing to pay anything because I didn't reply to solicitor letter on 24th...
Can anyone offer a little advice and maybe recommend a good solicitor please.

Sorry for the LONG post!! And thanks in advance. smile

Fourormore Wed 30-Mar-16 09:33:36

Child maintenance - go to the CMS. They don't backdate so ring them today.

As for the contact - it doesn't sound like your ex is being unreasonable. It sounds inappropriate to let your son decide what he'd rather do. He's only six and doesn't need the burden of conflict. Half school holidays and alternate Christmases is fairly normal.

Is there a reason you're resistant to his proposals?

Anon24 Wed 30-Mar-16 11:14:28

I have previously contacted CSA regarding maintenance, he is self employed and does a lot of 'cash in hand' work?!

Ds goes every other Saturday for the day and only go to soft play and pub. Eats chips and drinks cola all day..
Ex is a very heavy drinker and also a drug user.
This makes me wary that ds won't get proper food and drink and most likely won't have a 'responsible' adult in the house overnight.

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