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Advice needed: Joint mortgage after split.

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NotQuiteJustYet Tue 29-Mar-16 22:41:53

Before my ex was my ex we purchased a house with another member of his family on the mortgage too, to bring down the percentage needed for the deposit, a matter of weeks after everything completed we split due to their infidelity.

It's now been some time since the split, I have offered many time that if they covers legal costs they can have my share of the house without paying me anything - the family member loaned us the deposit and I left very soon after the purchase of the house completed.

My ex has dragged their feet over this and not done this despite repeatedly saying this would be the best option. The lender has made it clear that I have no power to have my own name removed from this mortgage as a new credit agreement needs to be agreed on the property, rightly so.

Ideally, I do not want to have to force them to sell the house. Does anyone happen to know what my options are here? Getting mighty tired of this situation now...


Collaborate Wed 30-Mar-16 07:45:09

You can either:

1. Leave things as they are. Point out that you own ⅓ of the equity and expect to be paid out on sale.
2. Persuade them to apply for a mortgage in their 2 names, and transfer the property to them, with you free of the mortgage.
3.Apply to court for an order for sale of the house.

Covers all bases really.

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