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Schedule 1 Application

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RedSkyThinking Wed 23-Mar-16 13:35:52

Does anyone know about this? I am not married to my partner, we have three children and a jointly owned house together and are about to separate. I know a mesher order does not apply in this case because we are not married, but I'd like to know what the chances are of the court awarding me, as the primary carer to our DC, the house or even a lump sum because he is a high earner.

I know it can be argued that as the primary carer, my needs are greater than his and it is not fair that we just split the sale of the house 50/50 and he walks off with x, able to buy himself a lovely apartment for himself while I would be left not even being able afford a small family home on my own so would be forced to rent or live in cheaper area, further away from where we've lived all our lives and where schools and family and friends are etc.

I am currently a SAHM and he knows I would not be able to support the children financially at the moment, and won't be until the youngest is in school full time.

Please can anyone help, I have seen a solicitor who mentioned the Schedule 1 but I still don't know to what extent it can help me and if there is any point pursuing it.

Collaborate Wed 23-Mar-16 16:17:12

There is a point isn pursuing it. The court would expect you to be able to survive there on your own income including child support.

AngryMo Tue 05-Apr-16 18:55:42

Bump - has anyone been through this? Applied for it and had a successful outcome?

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