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Rolling tenancy

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marsybum Mon 21-Mar-16 10:31:26

We moved to our privately rented house in may 2011, signed a 12 month contract initially and then moved to a rolling contract, have had 2 increases since then of 2% and 9%.

The landlord has said they're coming round today to 'sort out the long overdue tenancy renewal'

The problem is that in the last few years I've become disabled and as a result we're on the council housing 'list' with medical priority ( the house is over 4 floors with one bathroom)

So I'm concerned about firstly why they want a new fixed term when we've been rumbling along nicely for 4 years, and the implications of it especially if we get somewhere suitable to move to.

We've always paid the rent on time, carried out minor repairs and generally treated it as our home, so ideal tenants we hope!

We're not sure what to do, worried that if we refuse a new fixed term they'll give us our 2 months notice.

They have in the past mentioned selling at some point (it's a pension fund btl) but tbh it wouldn't sell fast unless they set the price low as it needs a lot done ( single glazing with some rotten frames, 30 year old kitchen etc)

Does anyone know the implications of renewal vs rolling?

wowfudge Mon 21-Mar-16 16:55:49

So apart from the initial fixed term, you've never signed another tenancy agreement? But you have agreed to two rent increases which haven't been documented in ASTs. They may want to do that now because they should have done when the rent went up. It's possibly to get their house in order so that when the time comes they can serve you with a s21 notice.

specialsubject Thu 24-Mar-16 11:28:19

if you have a fixed-term tenancy you get to stay until the end unless you breach. The rent is fixed. With a rolling it is (as you say) 2 months notice from the landlord, one from the tenant. The rent can be changed, if you don't agree you leave.

it is possible they have insurances which need a fixed-term. As it is now after October 1st 2015 there are more responsibilities on them if you sign and they do want you to leave, so they are being a bit daft.

what do you want to happen? The place sounds scruffy and isn't suitable for you. Do you have to get evicted to get that council place?

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