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Flooding / insurance

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Bajanella Wed 16-Mar-16 12:41:41

We live in an area that experienced its worst floods in almost 200 years this winter.

Our street flooded to about 6 inches deep / 3 inches deep on the pavement. We have a 2ft wall round our whole property, which also goes up both sides of our driveway. As a result no flood water got into our garden. The driveway was under 5 inches of water at the street end, but it slopes upwards, so the water didn't reach the top of the driveway. There's a gate in the wall between the driveway and the path to the house, but we sandbagged it; even if we hadn't no water would have reached our house, as it was only a couple of inches deep at the drive side of the sandbag. From start to finish, our street was flooded for about 7 hours,.

We moved our car uphill in time, but other people were driving through the flooded street to move their cars to higher ground. This created waves which went up our drive to our garage, but the waves only affected the garage briefly. The only items of ours which were touched by flood water were our wheelie bin, and our plastic recycling buckets, and obviously they weren't damaged by being in less than 3 inches of water.

A friend of mine asked how much our insurance premiums had increased because our property was "flooded." I haven't told the insurance because nothing was damaged and we had no loss whatsoever. However my friend says that having the bottom end of our driveway under water counts as being flooded, and we should notify the insurers.

Is she right? What should I tell the insurers? Will this push our premiums up a lot?

Fionajsd Sat 19-Mar-16 16:21:26

The term is usually has your home or the land belonging to it flooded. Ring them to clarify .

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