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faulty pram from supreme baby

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sweetpeas2692 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:55:34

we bought this lucky travel system pram on 28th june 2015, the pram as shown to develop faults over time, the hood coming away from settings, the foot rest falls down never stays up, the buttons to closed it down got stiffer over time and wheels lock with out warning. the straps have come off settings and when we email company , nothing no reply, today i called them and told woman on phone problems and she said call back they flat out refused to refund and said i can only have repair, when i told them i stop using pram , they said was my fault as i used pram and that i put my son at risk using pram!
and all because i said was going to warned other mums not to buy from them, said i was abusive, the company told me address of manufacturer , which is in poland and they sent me one rude email after another, it come across they think ok to keep my money and i left with faulty pram , i been so upset, i want adviced to how to get them to refund me and warned others not to buy any pram from this company, my son enede up with welts marks on his shoulders because of the wheels locking and straps moving.

prh47bridge Tue 15-Mar-16 00:06:35

Your rights are against the company that sold you the pram, not the manufacturer.

You have had the pram for nearly 9 months so it is far too late to demand a refund. You are entitled to a repair or replacement but the seller can decide which of those to offer. So they are quite right when they say you can only have a repair. If the repair fails you can reject the pram but you will only be entitled to a partial refund.

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