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Builder & VAT

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Saoirsed Mon 14-Mar-16 08:40:04


We entered a contract with a builder last July (to tune of 155k) to build an extension, side & loft conversion. It was a fixed price build which specified in the contract that the total was £155k ( in the T&C's on the next page it included his VAT number and in the explanation of terms it included the sentence Value added tax or VAT - VAT applies at the rate of 20% which we assumed was included in the total as no where did it say excl VAT.

After paying over £150k towards this contract we have now fallen out ( builder ordered majority of windows at wrong size ( too small), ran over by 4 months, not finished porch, as well as issues with quality of electrical work - all of which has been highlighted by building control

We sent him an email outlining issues and if they were't solved we reserved our right to initiate legal proceedings. He was now responded today saying we owe him money and the VAT was on top of the £155k though no where was this specified in the original contract. Now having gone in and looked at the monthly invoices issued we now see these has VAT @ 0% on them which tbh we overlooked at the time as I was pregnant and we were all over the place with our living situation. Feel pretty stupid now!

Basically can he chase me for VAT now that we are chasing him to finish the job or take him to court for all the issues above. He is also withholding electrical certificate as he wants more money - can he do this?

Many thanks for any advice, I'm literally at the point of break-down as also have a newborn and the stress of this on top is too much!

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