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Joint mortgage interest only and secured loan. Who pays what when seperate?

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HoppingForward Mon 07-Mar-16 11:20:23

Recently separated with "D"H I'm in the family home with our 3 DC.

I work full time. I've applied for WTC and CM.

I'm applying for legal aid due to emotional abuse and DV but I'm doubtful I will get it. I have a solicitor calling me back but they want £90 for an hour advice session so wondered if anyone here would know where I stand.

I want a divorce. The mortgage and secured loan repayment together is approx £1k per month.

He keeps emailing me asking when I'm going to take over the bills for the house now he isn't living here. If it matters, he is a high earner and I have applied for CM direct from his salary because I don't trust him to pay.

Is it fair that I reply saying I will pay all the bills but we pay the mortgage and secured loan 50/50 for the time being?

Youngest DC is 8 I would like to stay in the house for now at least whilst we all recover and rebuild.

I have had the house valued and due to the loan and interest only mortgage payments there is no equity and neither of us have savings.

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