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getting copy of decision

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bibliomania Thu 03-Mar-16 17:00:57

I recently self-repp'd in a family case. I have now received a copy of the order itself, but not the reasoned judgement that the judge read out, which set out his findings of fact. Do I automatically get the judgement too? Do I have to ask the court for it?

Familylawsolicitor Thu 03-Mar-16 20:57:05

You have to apply for a transcript of the judge didn't say that he was going to make a transcript availabile at public expense or circulate his written judgment. You could check with the court office but they may say you will have to apply for a transcript. It can be quite costly (few hundred quid) depending on how long the judgment was.
There are a number of approved court transcriber companies, google, and you need to send them this form

Familylawsolicitor Thu 03-Mar-16 21:03:29

Heres the explanatory notes with list of approved transcript companies. You can ask for a quote first.

bibliomania Fri 04-Mar-16 10:01:13

Thanks Familylaw, that's exactly what I need to know. The judge didn't mention about making it available or circulating it, so I'll look into this.

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