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House problem

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Nipper21 Mon 22-Feb-16 16:07:29

Please can you help me?
In 2000 I left my abusive partner who I owned a property with, I was advised by my solicitor to let him keep the house as long as he was paying the mortgage as he couldn't sell it with out my consent and it was likely to appreciate in value. I moved into a privately rented property with his disabled Daughter (who is now 19 with a mental age of 8, she is autistic and unable to read or write or look after herself) and began a new relationship, all was well for about 5 years then I got a letter from the mortgage company saying that he had defaulted on the mortgage payments, my new partner and I offered to buy him out as security for his disabled daughter he refused this offer point blank and proceeded to remove the kitchen making it unsaleable except by auction so it was sold by auction and after costs etc we got about 10k each.
My partner in the meantime had got a mortgage on a property for us to move into.My name could not be put onto this mortgage or the deeds because of the mess of the other mortgage the building society wouldn't allow it at the time
In 2010 we got married and the house ownership came up again and he refused to add me to the mortgage or the deeds even though I put my 10k into the house renovations I have paid for the gas, electric, tv licence, shopping and most of the furniture, he pays the mortgage, insurance and council tax.
My husband still refuses to enter into any dialogue concerning the mortgage/deeds but he has had an offer off his son from a previous marriage to go into business with him, my husband is almost 70 (I am 47), retired and has had 2 operations for bladder cancer in the last 12 months, the only co-latteral he has is the house, they would need tools and a new van etc he has had some emails and letters about the scheme that you sell your property to them and you can carry on living in it so he is clearly looking into selling the property, is there any way that I can protect myself and my daughter from becoming homeless if he sells up as I have contributed to its upkeep
I very much look forward to your reply

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