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moggiek Sun 14-Feb-16 17:49:26

I can't believe this is happening. DS took DGS1 to a birthday party yesterday. DGS1 is 4. He and one of his little friends had an argument over the ownership of a toy, which unfortunately ended up with DGS biting the other little boy. DS apologised to the boy's parents, but the father was, understandably very angry, and told DS it was time he sorted his son out, etc. Words ensued, culminating in the father telling DS that 'he has lots of family round here'. All the while DGS was still screaming blue murder and trying to get hold of the toy. DS gave him a smack on the back of the legs and I think had to physically manhandle him in to the car. Went home, calmed DGS down, had tea. DS had to go to work, but while he was there the police came to the house looking for him as a complaint had been made about his treatment of DGS by the father of the little boy who was bitten. He had a call today telling him to report to police station at five o'clock to find out if he is to be charged with assaulting his own son. I'm hundreds of miles away, and scared stiff. What's going to happen?

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