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SilkandSteel Sun 14-Feb-16 10:14:47

Morning all smile

I need to get myself a will done, and was wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea of what I should expect to pay?

My circumstances are not complicated, it's a single will, no dependants to take care of.

I am in the Leicester area.

Thanks in advance.

mowbraygirl Sun 14-Feb-16 12:30:43

Mumblechum1 who posts on here and has an ad in Small Business classified is your person. She has done lots of wills for Mmns and ours and LPA's for our relatives and does a first class job. It can all be done via email and telephone. Her charges are very reasonable.

SaveSomeSpendSome Sun 14-Feb-16 12:35:38

Me and dh have just had our wills done. We paid £150 for 2 mirror wills. I live Lancashire area.

I know you can do them yourself but i just didnt want to take the risk that if anything were to happen to me or dh and then we find that the wills are invaild or something like that so i would just rather pay a small amount to ensure they were done properly.

Mumblechum1 Sun 14-Feb-16 12:49:04

flowers Mowbray Girl that's really kind and I'm delighted you were happy with the service!

OP, have a look at the ad on Classified Small Business if you're interested smile

SilkandSteel Sun 14-Feb-16 13:25:32

Thank you everyone flowers

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