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Reporting abusers

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Anony1 Sat 13-Feb-16 00:18:04

I was sexually assaulted as a child but now feel almost confident enough to report one of the abusers (mums dad) who also assaulted her as a child and possibly an adult yet she still speaks to him knowing what she knows, I told her what happened to me years ago and it basically didn't make any difference to her. One of my concerns is that if I go to the police they won't believe me or they won't have enough evidence to do anything and I know my mum won't report him.
The other one is my mums son (have no intention of calling him family) he abused me more than once only thing is that most times he did it he was under the age of 16 apart from once I think, it was so long ago that I would be scared to go because I'm not entirely sure on some stuff. Could anything be done because he was underage, he has also assaulted my sister that I found out recently when she was a child so I'm assuming he must have been about 14?
If I had to report any of it how long would I be questioned for and what should I be expecting?
i tried to forget about this for years but recently its just something that's not going away and I don't want anyone else to be harmed. Thnks for any help smile

Quoteunquote Sat 13-Feb-16 21:29:12

The police will listen to you, please don't talk to any other family members about this as by doing so you can jeopardise the process, they will be interviewed, they may feel ambushed, but that is because you are doing exactly the right thing.

They will want to bring in a person who is especially trained to take this information, so they will book you in, you can take someone with you to wait with,

The interview process can be done in several sessions, usually they will want to ask you back, to help clarify and or to make the sessions easier for you.

Please don't worry about shocking them , they are trained,

The one thing you will get from this is that you have done your best for prior self, this does help.

bit of detail about process

Worriedscaredbutstrongish Sat 13-Feb-16 21:54:51

As said above, they will listen and take you seriously. As for the son, anything he did over the age of 10(presuming you're in England or Wales,) he can be prosecuted for.

Don't delay but make sure you have support, good, nonlinked to family support.

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