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Please help me, driving disqualification, court?

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longhairshedontcare Tue 09-Feb-16 00:47:46


This year I suffered mental health problems. I quit my job and cancelled all my direct debits and drove around the country for a while, wanting to die basically. Eventually I went home to my parents and got help.

But I've let my finances go to absolute shit. I've got about 3 grand on credit cards which I fell behind in and I am too anxious to sort it all out, although I am now getting there via email.

Anyway, the other thing was I got caught on 2 different speed cameras for speeding and driving without insurance when I went on my crazy spree.

I ignored the letters first of all, I just burned them, I couldnt cope at the time.

I got 3 points for speeding, 6 points for the first insurance and im guessing another 6 for the second but I havent actually received conformation.

I have got this letter, attached.

I get that I'm going to be banned, I wouldnt expect anything less, and Ive left things too long to defend myself now. But I just cannot go to court. Is this letter actually a summons? Or can they just ban me and me not be there. I'd honestly sooner kill myself than go through that, I just can't face it yet.

Please help confirm whether If I don't go, I will be arrested??

emotionsecho Tue 09-Feb-16 01:05:37

The letter says a warrant for your arrest may be issued, or they may just decide the case in your absence but if they do issue an arrest warrant yes you will be arrested and that would be awful.

Have you got a solicitor, if not I think you should instruct one and get some proper legal advice.

Serioussteve Tue 09-Feb-16 02:08:51

You will have to attend, or send a solicitor in your absence.

This is because driving bans take place instantly, so it's to prevent you unknowingly driving whilst banned. You'll be banned for six months for totting up - accumulating 12 or more points in a three year period, and fined.

If you personally attend you can explain your actions as mitigation, or if sending a solicitor give them a letter to read on your behalf.

That is a summons, they can issue a warrant for your arrest. Do pay the fine too - you can pay by instalments - failure to do so can lead to bailiffs being instructed, or even jail time.

I'm sorry life has been so hard on you, and hope things improve thanks

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