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IVF clinic just billed us for over £1000 for sperm we never knew they had!

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Princesspigeon Thu 04-Feb-16 17:50:55

The title says it all really. I'm livid.

Apparently each year they sent us a letter (to our old address) asking if we wanted to keep the sperm they froze in an IVF cycle we did with them in 2012. We didn't get these letters and th billion just kept rolling until they phoned us today.

I don't know why they froze dh's sperm as all fertility issues were with me so for any future cycles fresh would be preferable anyway. I have checked over the paper work I kept and there is no mention of charging for sperm to be frozen (there is a mention of costs for frozen embryos but we had none to freeze).

It was a few years ago and my memory of this time is not great as it was stressful but surely it should be explicit to couples if they will have a rolling charge each year for samples kept - and I really don't know why they kept the sample in the first place!

I feel sick as we really really can not afford this.

They would need to demonstrate that we agreed to this surely?

sootica Fri 12-Feb-16 18:27:21

Ask for a copy of the contract where you agreed to pay the storage charge. They can't sue you without it so if they can't produce it forget about it

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