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Caveat questions.

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Helicoptermom Wed 03-Feb-16 13:03:00

A friend's DP passed away a few months ago.
Before the funeral was conducted- her DP's relations (who he'd been almost enstranged from) demanded a copy of the will.
My friend thought it was disrespectful especially because her DP had not even been buried!

Nevertheless, a day after the funeral, the relatives again demanded to see a copy of the will and my friend referred them to her solicitors who in turn said whoever was a beneficiary would be informed once probate had gone through.

They immediately issued a caveat- and so things have stalled. They have given no reason why they entered a caveat.
Only one relation is a beneficiary, who has no idea at all that they are in the will- in other words the caveat has been issued on the assumption that they were not named. (They've have not seen the will).

I'm just wondering if there's anyone who can give an opinion on this saga!

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