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Lucyloo1489 Wed 13-Jan-16 13:34:23

I currently have a contact order with child's dad I also have a prohibited steps order just standard child lives with me but farther cannot take without permission .
On contact order child should be returned at a specific time each time but is constantly breached with time of return child is only 6 and times being brought home are sometimes 2 hours over pretty much each time contact happens. This effects child as very tired on days he has to go to school after contact tried to communicate but nothing seems to work I'm just ignored just wanted some advise as thinking to apply for enforcement order just wondered if any one else has experienced this . Contact order only comes with a warning notice no power of arrest . confusedconfusedangry

lindsey09081984 Thu 14-Jan-16 13:30:50

I have been through this hun, my court case came to an end yesterday after 2.5 years, monitor everything.
When sending emails to social workers make sure you tag a friend or solcitor in an email.
When hes late make sure you have at least 2 friends with you, you to meet place , film yourself with friends state time/date and what your frienda are called as witnesses to him being late so its not just your word against his, then get your 2 friends to write you witness statements. photo copy these send them to your solicitor/social worker. also put video footage on a little usb stick and send with witness statements.
Talk to your childs teachers explain what has happened when going for visits over the weekend. And if the child says anything out of the ordinary about visits for the teachers to log it so you have another form of evidence in your favour.
Will help where i can, its a long process, it will seem tough, you will have days where you wil cry your heart out, and days where you think you are alone, your not!. Others have been through this, be strong. x

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