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Separation - Parenting schedule 6 and 30 m.o. + financial

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torontonian Wed 13-Jan-16 00:01:55

Posting this in a rush as I deal with kids dinner, but it is urgent as I need to discuss with my lawyer the day after tomorrow.

I am separating and husband has just sent the initial proposal for parenting schedules contingent on two points:

- if I need a nanny, it would be on my own expense
- I cannot rely on having the kids more than 50% of the time in any argument regarding spousal support

We have two kids, 6 months old daughter and 30 months old son. I will be on maternity leave for a year (this was agreed and is standard in Canada) with an income that is 25% of my regular income (it hardly covers the mortgage). So I believe that the second point is forcing me to go back to work before planned?
And about the nanny. I don´t have any family in this country, but he does. I will be with the baby most of the time and then half or more with the toddler. I don´t drive and daycare is 3 km away. So I was thinking of a nanny instead of using daycare so I don´t need to do drop off and pick up everyday with the baby in tow. Moreover, he has not lost a single night of sleep since the baby was born but I am up all night, so I need some help at least with light cleaning or cooking or something. But I can´t afford that on benefits. To be honest, I can´t even afford rent on benefits.
So is this his way of forcing me back to work? Are these two points fair? Are they standard? Any advice?

Thank you

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