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Easyjet payment

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Busybuzzybumblebee Tue 12-Jan-16 10:17:10

Hi, we booked out holiday through a holiday website. They organise the flights and hotel package etc. the website took the money for the hotel ok and Easyjet were supposed o take theirs separately, (£300) we received a payment confirmation and receipt from them and didn't think anymore about it assuming holiday had been paid for. Stupidly didn't check bank specifically for the amount as its our honeymoon and a lot of money of coming out for deposits and final payments etc.

They've now contacted us saying they charged the wrong persons card the flights and we is owe the £300 for flights we booked, which we no longer have, if we don't pay obviously we can't go and lose the money spent on the hotel.

Is there anything we can do, seeing as they confirmed payment and we assumed all sorted?

TheSecondViola Tue 12-Jan-16 10:19:44

No. You haven't paid for the flights, so you cant use them unless you do.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 12-Jan-16 10:26:03

There's been a lot of this around lately!

You need to pay the £300 for the flights, if you want them. If you don't want them, negotiate with EasyJet on the cancellation fees.

If you could pay on January pay day, you could offer that - they may accept, providing that you don't fly before then.

Confirming payment doesn't mean much. Legally, EasyJet have 6 years to chase payment, although this is much less complicated in your case as the flights haven't yet happened so they will just resell your seats if you can't pay.

Is it a case of not having the money today, or not having it at all? If the latter, can you identify what you spent the £300 that should have gone on the flights on? If it's something that you could return or cancel, that'll solve the problem.

KwickNC Tue 12-Jan-16 10:29:14

I think the fact you didn't check doesnt go in your favour too.

If you call up though and explain the issue I'm sure it can be resolved because if needs must they can sell the seats again.

Busybuzzybumblebee Tue 12-Jan-16 13:08:45

Thanks everyone, will have to speak to easyjet again

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