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ilovesprouts Tue 05-Jan-16 14:01:24

Had a accident in 2013,I've finished all my medico legal stuff /medical appointments .my soliciter rang me and said he's meeting a barrister does that mean they are going to figure out my compensation for the accident or something else??

mumblechum1 Tue 05-Jan-16 14:30:31

Have the other side admitted liability? If so yes, counsel will have been asked to advise on quantum.

If they haven't admitted liability it is likely to be more complicated.

ilovesprouts Tue 05-Jan-16 17:12:22

Yes other side have admitted liability.

mumblechum1 Tue 05-Jan-16 17:30:38

That'll be it then. Counsel are generally best placed to work out a strategy for how much to ask for based on recent case law as well as the legislation.

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