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Any comeback to a company that has blatantly lied?

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CheesyNachos Tue 05-Jan-16 11:56:04

Basically we are trying to get money back from a building company who demanded payment up front for repairing a roof, then walked out on the job half way through. The company was paid in full in advance, and refuses to either repair the roof or the repay the money we paid for them to do the job. (I know, we were stupid to not withold money until finished. Lesson learned).

We are now pursuing it through the claims court. However, we have received a letter from the builder's 'legal department' which actually does not exist. It is extremely threatening and less than 5 minutes research confirmed that they are full of shit - they have no legal department and the person who 'signed' the letter does not exist.

besides this clearly being a good thing for us when it does come to court- are there any further things we can pursue for blatantly lying about this? To be honest all we wanted was for them to either repair the fucking roof or give us our money back. Now I want to get them for anything I can for being dishonest arseholes.

biscuitkumquat Tue 05-Jan-16 12:00:12

I'm not sure if you would have a leg to stand on, to be honest.

Any Company can have a "legal department", and letters being signed by a fictitious name aren't unheard of.

The important thing is that you get your money back. I'm assuming you've had a reputable firm come out & prepare a report to confirm that the work isn't finished?

It should be a fairly easy to get your money back in that case.

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