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Problematic cavity wall insulation - surveyor hasn't picked up there was any cavity wall insulation!

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DragonMamma Sat 19-Dec-15 10:23:09

We bought a 1970s property 2.5yrs ago and had a Homebuyers report. All fairly standard stuff. Report says standard cavity wall and no mention of cavity wall insulation.

Fast forward to now, we have penetrating damp on the stairs. The outside wall is a pine end and is taking the full force of the rain, especially when windy.

We've had a damp specialist out who informed us that there was cavity wall insulation and that it shouldn't have been put in, because the wall is exposed and the cavity is needed to stop water getting in. It's going to cost a few grand to put right.

Upon checking the homebuyers report, there's no mention of CWI and so we didn't ask the previous owner about it and so have no information about who installed it etc. Upon closer inspection, it seems as though the previous owner had some problems as where we are having issues, there's patches which have been filled, sanded and painted over

I'm annoyed that the surveyor hasn't picked up on this - there was a missing FENSA certificate at the time and we got an the vendor to purchase an indemnity policy for this. Had we known about the CWI we could have asked for more details and would hopefully have had some recourse in this situation.

Does anybody have any advice? We simply don't have a few grand to remove the CWI or tank the walls to resolve the problem!

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 19-Dec-15 12:02:21

Homebuyers report is quite limited in scope and really only covers a visual inspection of the property.

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