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Will writing - differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK?

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Dh and I need to write our wills. We currently live in Scotland, but might move back to England when he retires.

If we write our wills in Scotland, and then move to England, would that have implications for the will - ie. what about tax matters - if we are living in England but have a will written in Scotland, where would the will be probated and where would inheritance tax (if there was any) be paid?

Or alternatively, could we get an English solicitor to write our wills - but if we did, would that complicate things if we did decide to stay in Scotland?

The UK is still one country, but thenscottish legal system is different to the rest of the UK, and we want to make sure that our wills work as easily and simply as possible when we are gone. Dh has, this year, done probate on his mum's will - he and dbil did it by themselves, without needing a solicitor, and if the boys can do that, it would save them a fair bit of money.

babybarrister Sat 12-Dec-15 21:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnthonyBlanche Sat 12-Dec-15 23:11:22

I suggest you go and see a solicitor specialising in wills and executries for the answers to your questions.

Go to a decent sized firm (rather than a one man band on the high street) as they will be used to dealing with situations like yours. No idea wher you live, but there are films in the central belt and in Aberdeen who are very used to dealing with clients who move around both the UK and the rest of the world.

AnthonyBlanche Sat 12-Dec-15 23:12:28

firms not films...

AnthonyBlanche Sat 12-Dec-15 23:15:25

Forgot to say, at the moment inheritance tax is the same in Scotland and E&W. That could possibly change in the future but until it does IHT all goes into UK taxation pot.

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