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Tax evasion?

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My ex is' self employed', jointly 'owning' a business with his brother. They took over this business (that ex used to be employed at for around 10 years prior) in 2012. Ex works full time hours but takes one day off a week to look after his other kids while his girlfriend works.

Today my annual Child Maintenance Service review came through. For the second year in a row he has been assessed as not having to pay a single penny for our son due to allegedly having no income.

I called the CMS to check this. Last time they said his income was down as 1p, that was based on 2012 income and I was told to report for tax evasion then.

This time, however, they are saying that he is not working and hasn't done so for at least two years, which is backed up by the info HMRC have given them.

I know this is not true, his Facebook business and personal pages show this isn't true, as does what his girlfriend says about his income and the photos of him in his 'uniform' recently.

Just to check I called his business landline and guess who answered?!

His girlfriend has stated his monthly 'take home' online as well.

The CMS have said I need to report him for tax evasion. They also said there is nothing they can do and I just have to suck it up because they don't investigate NRPs hiding income anymore?

Is that true?

I didn't like doing it, but I have now reported him and had to give details of his girlfriend and brother too.

The thing that is bugging me is they both. clearly state,online, that they pay all of their monthly outgoings by credit card and pay it off at the end of everything month. Could the brother be paying the bill for this instead of there being hidden cash changing hands? If so, would it make any difference when it comes to CMS, as it would've been done with the intention of escaping maintenance (I know this,it's not the first time he's tried)?

I'm guessing it may be done that way purely because I can't see them handling secret cash to that amount monthly ,particularly while claiming tax credits based on the girlfriends income. He may be an arse,to put it mildly, but I can't imagine him taking cash and claiming benefits like that, but he could see that as a perfectly fine alternative.

That concerns me a little with regard to his employment status (although it's still payment,isn't it,and should be treated as such and his brother should, IF done this way, be acting as an employer?

I'm not sure what I'm expecting from posting really, but has he managed to find a way he can get away with it without any comeback or will it just be the tax office potentially wanting a word with his brother?

howtorebuild Thu 10-Dec-15 15:34:04

Call them and let me know what they say.

It's shit that DV towards children by a parent is enabled by so many.

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