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Howcanthisbe66 Tue 08-Dec-15 19:20:11

Hi, I have name changed for this and will keep details limited for safety.

STBexH was originally convicted of common assault against me but managed to get off on appeal. Burden of proof not met. My word and bruises against his expensive lawyer.

Where do I stand now, can I still apply for non mol? Occupation order etc or do I just have to pretend it didn't happen?

Very scared and sorry I ever went to court.

If I apply for a divorce can I cite this as unreasonable behaviour or will he sue me if I do?

He has money, power and above all an ego. I have the kids, the house and truth but sadly no justice.

Thanks for any advice. I don't qualify for legal aid.

Collaborate Wed 09-Dec-15 08:04:15

You can apply for an injunction. Whether you need an occupation order or just a non-mol depends on your circumstances.

You can use the allegation of DV in a divorce petition.

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