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Builder's botch job- what reocurse do I have?

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whataboutbob Sun 06-Dec-15 18:36:03

In August 2013 I paid a builder to renovate a rental flat which belongs to my dad (he has dementia, i manage his affairs via power of attorney). Amongst others he put in a new bathroom. In the winter after he put the bathroom in there was a huge leak in the bathroom which he fixed. Then within days of this year's students moving in the bathroom floor was sodden and the wall behind the shower head showed obvious signs of waterlogging. By then i didn't trust this builder anymore (due to other stuff he did which made me question his trustworthiness). I got 3 plumbers in to look and the one I have gone with has outlined in great detail all the stuff that was done badly. This includes the shower tray not being 100% flat so water was pooling in a corner, the pipework under the shower tray being poor (lots of odds and ends joined up, instead of using one long pipe, joints being loose and leaking, one joint had a plastic bag wrapped around it), the base was cracked, the board used under it was the cheapest grade possible, the sealant was not waterproof and water was pooling behind the tiles.
The wall behind the shower head is so sodden it has to come down. We are waiting on a carpenter to put a new one up before the new shower can be fitted.
The students will be 3 weeks without a shower and will undoubtedly ask for compensation.
I am just not happy to leave it at that. My current priority is of course to get it sorted but then I want to at least make him aware that his work is unacceptable in standard and get the relevant bodies involved. Preferably i would like compensation. Who is my first port of call? Many thanks.

whataboutbob Mon 07-Dec-15 10:19:11

Just bumping this. Realise it's a long post! Jist of it is: if a builder botches a job and it costs you to fix it, how can you
1) make relevant bodies aware of very poor workmanship
2) get financial compensation for the money you have to pay to rectify things?

Collaborate Tue 08-Dec-15 14:34:32

Don't know about (1), but using the small claims track in the County Court is the way to recover for losses incurred.

whataboutbob Wed 09-Dec-15 14:58:45

Thank you Collaborate, I will try the small claims court and also apparently Trading Standards are the people to approach re poor practice.

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