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Executing my husbands will

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Ludoole Sun 06-Dec-15 14:26:45

My husband died on Wednesday and he has named me as executor of his will.
The will was not lodged with a solicitor. The will is also straight forward.
I shall be closing his bank accounts this week but do i need to apply for anything in order to do this or will they let me as his wife? Thanks in advance.

fortifiedwithtea Sun 06-Dec-15 14:31:51

I think you will have to show the bank the death certificate in order to close his a/c.

Sorry for your lossflowers

whataboutbob Mon 07-Dec-15 10:24:38

Hi Ludoole i'm very sorry for your loss I remember when you posted on Elderly parents (I'm a regular there alas).
I think the following Govt website is a good starting point, if you haven't seen it already
You may have to apply for probate first if the accounts are not in your joint names.

PestoSkiissimos Mon 07-Dec-15 10:32:54

Hi Ludoole, sorry to hear about your DH flowers
My tip would be to buy plenty of copies of the Death Certificate when you register his death. It is cheaper to buy them from the Registrar than applying for more copies retrospectively. Then you can deal with lots of things simultaneously, rather than having to wait for organisations to return it each time you send one off.

tb Fri 11-Dec-15 14:46:13

There's also a which book called (from memory) What to do when someone dies, and a friend handled his father's probate from the info there.

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