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Car Insurance - Declare incident or not bother... - implications?

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RandomMess Tue 01-Dec-15 09:41:42

So someone hit my car in a supermarket car park, an independent witness left the reg number, description and their phone number.

I'm not sure there is any/much damage. It's possible that there is sufficient damage to the paintwork on the bottom corner of the door that their could be a rust risk sad

So if the car is damaged (sorry pissing down with rain etc.) if I ring up my insurance company and notify them and they are not successful in claiming against this other person where does that leave me? I'm thinking I'm risking increasing my insurance claim, losing no claims bonus etc. over a level of damage that may just not be worth it.

Does anyone know????

I have to say at glance the damage looks significant off to take photos then clean it up and have a better look...

RandomMess Tue 01-Dec-15 09:52:11

Buggerations bumper is deeply scratched hopeful that the corner of the metal panel next to it may just need a T-cut though sad sad sad

Collaborate Tue 01-Dec-15 10:10:58

You have a witness. The other driver's insurance company will have to pay for the repairs to your car.

It's what we, and they, have insurance for.

A no fault claim settled in full by the other party will not affect your NCD.

But ultimately it's up to you.

purpledasies Tue 01-Dec-15 10:15:16

Your insurance company would claim on the insurnace of the person who hit you, so it wouldn't affect your premiums, etc - though I think you might have to declare it when taking out insurance.

If you have the other person's number, and it's very minor damage you could see if they would prefer to just give you some cash to cover it. That would save them a lot of money (in future insurance premiums) but won't make any difference to you.

MotherofFlagons Tue 01-Dec-15 10:24:30

Actually, I'm prepared to be wrong on this, but I am reasonably sure that any claim regardless of fault can affect your premium.

Frankly, if it was minor damage I would even bother reporting it.

purpledasies Tue 01-Dec-15 10:29:18

I claimed on someone else's once and it definitely didn't affect my premiums. I had to declare that I'd had an accident, but my no claims discount was unaffected.

I also - many years ago - scratched someone's car at a motorway service station and they claimed on my insurance, costing me hundreds of pounds in loss of no claims discount, etc - for what was really just cosmetic damage to their car. But was technically my fault as I was reversing. I assume it cost them nothing to claim on my insurance.

MotherofFlagons Tue 01-Dec-15 10:35:48

Looks like a no-fault claim can affect your premium:

Not saying they definitely will, just that they might.

RandomMess Tue 01-Dec-15 12:38:14

Yes that's what I'm worried about - although I have an independent witness what happens if they deny it I could end up clobbered sad or I may just end up with it effecting my premiums anyway sad

I'm assuming I can't even go to the police because it was in the car park not on a road?

Collaborate Wed 02-Dec-15 12:52:43

Someone can still be done for a traffic offence in a car park. Someone I sued to work with was done for careless driving after a minor scrape in a car park was witnessed by a police officer.

specialsubject Wed 02-Dec-15 13:34:25

declare. Not giving car insurance companies all details is really not worth the risk.

I've just had this.
Someone went into me, it was no fault and no claim made. But it affected my excess. They wouldn't let me have it for less than £250, when it had been zero before.

Apparently being in an accident increases your chances of it happening again.

RandomMess Wed 02-Dec-15 21:20:40

Well I spoke to the police made a report and they should be speaking to the car owner today or tomorrow.

The reg of the car matches the description left by the witness. Spoke to the witness and they said they are 99% sure they were wearing a Sainsbury uniform and they could see the black paint from my car on their bumper.

Will be interesting to see whether the person is happy for the police to pass on their details direct for insurance purposes or Insurance company has to get them from police.

greenfolder Wed 02-Dec-15 22:32:12

If you have the reg you can get their insurance details from askmid. Google it. Make a claim directly to their insurers in the first instance.

RandomMess Wed 02-Dec-15 22:35:57

Well the police still wanted to interview because they technically committed a crime - failing to report an accident!

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