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Section 21

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notafanofwinter Fri 27-Nov-15 17:49:35

We have a property that we rent out using managing agents.
The tenants originally had a six month lease, which was renewed for another six months.
They haven't been the easiest tenants; constant demands (for example their plumber fitted the dishwasher incorrectly which caused a leak that we paid to get repaired) they organised a water meter to be fitted against our wishes, have declined to forward any post.
We've had enough and have issued a Section 21, giving 4 months notice. The agreement is for 2 months but we feel it's unfair to have to find something over Christmas.
My question is, can the tenant keep making demands? Currently they would like the washer replaced on a tap and the radiators bled. We'd like to tell them to take a hike but our Agent is keen for us to meet every request.

Alfredoshoes Fri 27-Nov-15 18:23:06

I would keep up with the repairs. We've served a section 21 before ( they didn't move out and had to be evicted eventually), but it's important to keep repairs ticking over. A quick visit from a plumber could sort these issues, and a dodgy washer could lead to a leaky tap which could damage the cupboard below etc. You'll have to sort these things once they leave anyway.

notafanofwinter Fri 27-Nov-15 18:25:21

Thanks Alfred I'm sure you're right, we're just hacked off with weekly requests.

emwithme Fri 27-Nov-15 19:57:49

Have you protected the deposit and served the PI?

You need to keep on top of the repairs, although it may be arguable that washer replacement comes under Lord Denning's 1953 view of "tenant-like behaviour" (in Warren v Keen he said: "What does 'to use the premises in a tenant-like manner' mean? The tenant must take proper care of the place. He must, if he is going away for the winter, turn off the water and empty the boiler. He must clean the chimneys, when necessary and also the windows. He must mend the electric light when it fuses. He must unstop the sink when it is blocked by his waste. In short, he must do those little jobs about the place, which a reasonable tenant would do. In addition, he must, of course, not damage the house wilfully or negligently; and he must see that his family and guests do not damage it; and if they do, he must repair it. But apart from such things, if the house falls out of repair owing to fair wear and tear, lapse of time or for any reason not caused by him, then he will not be liable to repair it.") it would probably be sensible to get someone you know isn't going to screw it up to do it.

purpledasies Fri 27-Nov-15 20:02:44

You don't need a plumber to bleed radiators, and tbh your tenant is being crap not just sorting that themselves. You just need a radiator key and you can do it yourself in about 10 minutes.

You might as well fix the washer - that you could probably do yourself too, or it's a very easy job for a plumber. If you don't do it now, a dripping tap's not going to look good to let the place, and is a risk if your tenants leave during winter and the place is empty at all, as it'll cause pipes to freeze up.

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