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Will social services get involved?

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pinkcoww Mon 23-Nov-15 16:21:15

Wasn't sure where to post this so hopefully it's the right place.

I'm due to have my first child in the next few months and I am concerned that social services may get involved. I disclosed to my family nurse about my ex's drug use, a rape case I have against someone which I am going to be in court for a few months after baby is born and my midwife has been notified by the police of 2 domestic incidences involving my ex (verbal only). I have made it very clear that ex is out of my life and will not be on the birth certificate so he won't have rights. Only problem is he knows where I live but will be moving when baby is 6months+.

I'm very concerned that they will see me as unfit as I will be a single mother and have a lot to deal with once baby is born. The court appearance may trigger PND and I'm planning on getting counselling to help me through that time (I have a history of depression, self harm and overdoses which are on file but would not be going down that road again). Also the fact that the father of the baby is a drug addict and has caused 2 domestics which are on file. Will social services get involved because of these events? This baby is a rainbow baby for me and I really don't want my past, exes actions and the tough things I've been through to affect how she is brought up.

RaspberryOverload Thu 26-Nov-15 20:35:42

I'm not sure legal is the best place to put this. You might find you get more advice in Relationships (you can report your post and ask MNHQ to move it).

I don't have enough knowledge to give advice on SS, but suspect that if they do get involved, the fact that your ex IS an ex, and that you are taking steps to put the harmful stuff behind you will all be positive.

Hels20 Thu 03-Dec-15 07:39:45

I'm an adopter so have a bit of experience of these sorts of things.

As long as the ex is definitely out of your life and you can prove it - then I can't see why SS would become involved with respect to the issues around your ex as there is no safeguarding issue. They might ask you a few questions but that should be about it.

With regard to self harming - when did this happen? If recent, SS may well become involved. A sister of a friend overdosed and so of course SS had to become involved. She was allowed to keep kids provided she lived with her parents. But SS are still monitoring the situation.

To be honest - I do think SS might get involved but their involvement should be limited if you can prove that ex is out of your life and your mental health is in a good place.

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