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redundancy help please?

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catkin14 Sun 08-Nov-15 10:46:39

The small family firm that i work for has to close. We are all being made redundant.
I have worked there for 15 years but only for the current owners for 3 as the original owner sold it on to current owner. All the staff were kept on but the company name changed.
My contract says:
Date of commencement of employment november 2000
Period of continous employment commenced on November 2012 (this was when company was sold to new owner).
Do I get redundancy from when my job first began, 2000 or from 2012 when business was sold?
Im going to get some help but would just like some idea of what will happen?

So you signed a new Contract when the company was sold? Depending upon the nature of the sale you may not have been obliged to do that. In most scenarios your employment would have been protected by the Transfer of Undertakings Regulations (2006 iirc).

MummyBex1985 Sun 08-Nov-15 16:36:53

Provided you didn't have a break in employment of a week or more then you will have continuous employment since 2000. Your employment should have transferred under the old TUPE 2006 regulations.

You could have a battle on your hands if they refuse to acknowledge continuity though.

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