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(Scotland) Stalking via FB?

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OnlyAFoolsChance Mon 02-Nov-15 10:41:28

This could have the potential to be lengthy so I'll list the basics and then elaborate hopefully that will work. I really need advice on where to go with this.

1) DH's children removed from Ex via SS
2) Children lived with us for several years
3) Annual reviews through SCRA, and now no contact with Ex for children due to ongoing concerns over years over what Ex would say to the children being deemed inappropriate.
4) Ex refuses to engage with SS to secure any form of contact, ask about DC, or work towards restarting contact.
5) Ex believes SS are evil, courts etc all corrupt, feeds this info to oldest DC who has Aspergers and encourages him to meet her outside school (secondary) going against no contact order.
6) Oldest DC over time, becomes extremely volatile towards anybody standing in their way of having any contact with their DM. This includes DH, Myself, SS, police etc.
7) Due to Ex refusing to comply with SCRA and their recommendations, interdicts sought and granted to stop Ex approaching or communicating with children. (no powers of arrest attached)
8) Oldest DC leaves a Facebook page opened and signed in on their PC, in which they are using a dummy account to communicate with Ex.
9) Upon looking through the ex profile page (I have her blocked) there are numerous photos from my page (profile pics) that she has downloaded and posted on her own page slagging me off and being vicious.
10) Other people on Ex friends list post comments of slapping face, hitting (my) face with skateboard or a plank of wood, ugly creature, etc. At least one of those is local to me.

This is where I'm at. And believe me when I say this is a very very basic version of our life at the mo. I don't want to get bogged down with every minor detail as that will derail from the issue in hand. The oldest DC is absolutely vile towards us, but upon reading the messages between them and ex, it is clear she has been the voice behind this behaviour.

What I want to know, is can the police do anything about the FB posts, of MY pics, the vile comments and the fact she has also posted a pic of the interdict which discloses my address? I'm trying to read up on stalking laws, and telecommunications but I'm afraid I'm still in two minds whether they can act or not.

wowfudge Mon 02-Nov-15 12:49:33

Contact the police on the non emergency number for a chat. They will be able to tell you. Tell SS too. flowers sounds awful OP. Hope you can get a resolution.

OnlyAFoolsChance Mon 02-Nov-15 14:47:37

Thank you. We feel massively let down by SS as we have been telling them for months things are escalating really rapidly and they just take the stance that the measures in place are enough - when they aren't sad

I'll speak to police and see if there's ANYTHING can be done as I'm really at my wits end x

LittleInsaneBloodRedSparke Mon 02-Nov-15 15:01:35

It might be an idea to get some screenshots of the threatened violence in case someone gets wind of it

OnlyAFoolsChance Mon 02-Nov-15 17:02:43

I have got screenshots already x

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