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does this sound right to you?

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Winniethewylde Fri 30-Oct-15 09:18:49

Just after some advice really. I've just started divorce proceedings and now I may be naive to it all but bloody hell, the solicitors charges shockshock

I've just received an invoice for £195, this is after just paying £750 which covered an hour meeting, a few emails/phone calls and some research etc and I'm horrified. Every letter/phone call is being charged at £22.50!

Does this sound right to you? I can totally get why people don't bother divorcing if this is the case.

lougle Fri 30-Oct-15 10:03:54

Sounds about right. Solicitor charges are calculated in 6 minute blocks, so 1/10th of hourly rate. £225 per hour sounds like a typical rate.

Winniethewylde Fri 30-Oct-15 10:05:28

Thank you. I knew it would be expensive but heck, seeing it in black and white...

notasgreenasimcabbagelooking Fri 30-Oct-15 10:06:11

I had a fairly standard financial settlement I reckon. A few extra letters/visits as ex was v v v petty. The bill....£4200!! And that's not a divorce & I'm in a market town in NI!!! In in the wring job!

Winniethewylde Fri 30-Oct-15 10:10:25

That's what I'm fearful of. H is being petty, taking things right to the wire, not replying etc and little did I know every email I send to my solicitor to chase, check how things are progressing are being charged for! Do I just need to sit back and trust that it's all progressing accordingly?

wowfudge Fri 30-Oct-15 14:07:20

Perhaps discuss several matters during the same call so that you don't get charged for a while unit when you've only used part of one?

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