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Nhs negligence. Desperate for a resolution.

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tracymac80 Mon 26-Oct-15 13:56:21

A couple of years ago my father had an aortic aneurysm operation which went wrong, in the Cumberland infirmary, Carlisle, after they performed the surgery and sent him into recovery they realised they had left his arteries still clamped which resulted in rushing him back into theater and what should have been a 3-4 hour operation ended up being 13 hours whilst they battled to save his life. He was put into ITC on life support and his kidneys failed, he has recurrent nerve damage and this operation resulted into another surgery being needed, his stomach walls were that thin he developed a hernia, OK you may say, but this was no ordinary hernia, he resembled a 12month pregnant man and that isn't an exaggeration, I have photos to prove this, So now we are onto this, a hernia operation that was cancelled 9TIMES ! With persistent busting open and bleeding that wouldn't stop, i would say he was admitted to hospital a minimum of 10-15 times with just that complication alone, then his lung collapsed, because of the internal pressure. And eventually they admit it is too big of a problem to deal with and refer him to Glasgow, Glasgow then say that the operation that Carlisle were due to perform would most certainly have killed him anyhow, as a 60 odd yr old man could not possibly survive having his muscles shredded into 6, interwoven and crisscrossed across to hold said hernia in place, in fact he told my 27 yr old, fit as a fiddle brother that he would find it difficult to survive the intensity of this. So Glasgow do this operation, his hernia is slightly smaller, liveable compared to how it was before BUT now my Dad has a gaping wound that just wont heal and today attended Carlisle after being admitted to A&E on Saturday with a severe infection, (they told him to come back today 9:30) are once again passing the buck and kicked him out, this is beyond a joke. What rights do we have? Something has to be done with this hospital! Press? Negligence case? Which we cant afford to be honest? Complaints procedure just pass the buck every time. Photo attached is only half of what he ended up having protruding through his stomach.

Mairyhinge Tue 27-Oct-15 14:28:38

I've been in a similar situation, and firstly you need to breath. I'm NOT saying calm down, just take a breath. Then contact the local hospital complaints team, ( used to be PALS).
Ask to speak to the consultant in charge of your fathers care. Ask for a full breakdown of what's going on and what they plan to do.
Find a reputable solicitor, with experience of medical negligence claims, and this will undoubtedly be taken on on a no win no fee case...they'll look at everything then decide if it's a worthy case for them to take on.
Once you get legal help the hospital will sit up and take notice.

NorthernLurker Tue 27-Oct-15 14:42:41

Have you seen his notes? Are you sure they didn't release the clamps? Could it have been that he returned to theatre because of bleeding? I don't know a huge amount about the surgery for a AAA but I'm struggling to understand how they could possibly have closed without releasing the clamps as clamping the aorta is such a big part of the procedure.

tracymac80 Wed 28-Oct-15 07:44:01

They told us that the clamps were left on, they admitted the mistake, be it by telephone. They only realised because his legs had gone blue, he has nerve damage because of this.

ginmakesitallok Wed 28-Oct-15 07:48:08

spso contact these folk

garibaldi88 Wed 28-Oct-15 09:07:00 is a charity which might be able to help and advise you

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