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Unclaimed rent charge

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wowfudge Wed 21-Oct-15 18:27:40

We are about to put our house on the market. I checked the title register this week because I had in the back of my mind there was a ground rent issue which came up when we bought. There is a rent charge of just over £10 a year, not ground rent. No one has claimed this from us in the time we have lived here and there is no address given for the charge holder in the title register. I checked back on my records and our solicitor withheld an amount of the completion monies equivalent to the rent charge which wasn't claimed from the last owner either.

Is this the kind of thing we could buy an indemnity for? Can a rent charge be ignored without the same consequences as unpaid ground rent? The house is freehold. It's not a large amount of money, but every penny helps when moving.

tb Wed 21-Oct-15 18:57:36

Could it be chief rent? We had a freehold house, and although there wasn't ground rent, there was a chief rent. If I can remember, it was about £2 a year and we were able to buy it out.

wowfudge Wed 21-Oct-15 19:58:06

It is definitely a rent charge - it's the enforceability of it and consequences of non-payment which I would like to get more info on.

wowfudge Wed 21-Oct-15 20:04:52

I also don't think that redeeming the rent charge is an option as I cannot locate the rent charge holder. I believe the person lived locally, but has since passed away. The rent charge dates from something like 1929.

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