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CSA question

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fieryfighter Wed 21-Oct-15 13:30:39

Hi, a few years ago the CSA made a nil assessment for my exh (own new business, didn't earn anything on paper, cash in hand yada yada) which obviously I was disgusted with but decided I wouldn't let it stress me any further as I had too much to cope with during the divorce.

Basically I didn't contact the CSA again as I felt it was an utter waste of time because I knew he'd find ways round actually declaring any income and he would occasionally chuck me some money which I felt was better than nothing. It never averaged any more than £14 a week though for two children.

Do you think it's possible to ask the CSA to look at the intervening years? Are they able to? I guess I should have probably kept on at the CSA but I felt it was so hopeless and I did occasionally get a bit of money from him but I haven't had a bean in a year now.

Just asking for input to see if it's even worth trying again. Thanks

Milkyway66 Fri 23-Oct-15 10:13:42

Do you still have an open csa case?
If so, it's worth contacting them to see if they can look back.
If it's been closed then I believe they won't back date anything and everything will start afresh, so make the call before more time passes.

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