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Bad references. What to do?

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Frizzyliz Sat 17-Oct-15 07:57:15

I am after some advice for my husband.
He has just lost his job as a teacher based on the references he provided from his previous school.
He requested information from his personnel file from his last school to try to understand why they had given him such a poor reference.
In his file were 2 lesson observations. 1 was good to excellent, the 2nd was needs improvement to good. There was also an end of year review form that hadn't been completed.
The reference was filled by the deputy head (not someone from his department, and his head of department had already left the school as had several other teachers due to a poor ofsted report before he joined. The head teacher had been forced out and parents were trying to pull their children out in droves - school having problems)
I know there is evidence that he needed to improve but there is also evidence that he is good as well so I am unsure how they can have provided such a poor reference when they are supposed to give accurate information and surely they shouldn't just say bad things if there is evidence in the file for good things.
His union are asking the reference to be changed as it doesn't fit with the evidence on file but I am not hopeful as surely they will just close ranks or something.
The union have said that otherwise the ref could be the expunged from his record, but his confidence is now shattered and he has lost his job.
Is it worth pursuing legally? An individual against a school surely could never win anyway.
Will they have something hidden away to validate their reference which we don't know about.
We don't have much money (enough not to get support but not enough to afford it)
Any thoughts or experience would be helpful.

pumpkin93 Sat 17-Oct-15 12:50:55

Hi frizzy lizard
you have a right to question the references. it's a good job his union is involved. if they think it's appropriate the union can persue it legally. you can also talk to citizin advice on what your options are. I think you might have some redress if it has affected his health. best get employment law advice

goddessofsmallthings Sun 18-Oct-15 22:31:46

An individual against a school surely could never win anyway

That isn't true, but in this instance your dh is not a lone individual as his union is batting for him and in cases of this nature they usually prevail.

Of course your dh has been demoralised by what has happened to him but he's not the first, and won't be the last, teacher to be disaffected by his employment at a failing school and is best advised to seek expert legal opinion via his union as to whether he can bring a case against the school in question/education authority.

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