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Returning to work, holiday entitlement question

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hootiemcowlface Wed 07-Oct-15 23:58:15

Hello, would really appreciate any advice on this. I'm returning to work part time in a few weeks. Small company. No HR. What do I need to do re holiday entitlement acrued during my mat leave? Nothing has been mentioned yet. I also did a couple of days work for them while on leave, can these keeping in touch days be paid at the end of mat leave? Would I be best to suggest ending my mat leave early and taking the next couple of weeks (or however long I've earned) as holiday leave? I'm so confused! Any help would be hugely appreciated.

BenWolf Mon 19-Oct-15 14:18:19

It's tough when you're in a small company with no HR dept.

Maybe get in touch with them and talk it through?

In the meantime, these blogs may be useful for them going forward!

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