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FDR - any advice?

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triathlonmum Wed 16-Sep-15 22:33:26

I'm terrified. My FDR (divorce) is on Friday. How am I going to get through the court hearing, with my future hanging in the balance? The idea of the barristers using their arguements (some of which I'm sure will be hard to listen to) is making me feel ill. I've been super-stressed all week. Never been to court before (apart from the first appointment for this hearing which was emotionally exhausting too...).

Any hints or tips from those who've been through this? How do I look super cool and calm when I'm a mess inside?

Namechanger2015 Mon 25-Jul-16 13:58:08

How did your FDR go? I have mine next month and I am already terrified.

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