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Compliance team

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Fionabou12 Sat 22-Aug-15 10:52:41

Hi all first time poster so hope I'm doing this right .... I have seen many posts... most of them older about the compliance team attached to the child tax credit people and I can see how terrifiying any communication with them is ... So thought I'd let you know my experience with them .... I am mum to four children my son works on an apprenticeship so I no longer claim for him my oldest daughter is now living independently with her daughter so I also no longer claim for her .... The problem arose this Monday just gone I always get my payment on a Monday so was surprised to see that it had not gone in this week ... I as many do tried to ring them but it did take about 10 calls and a good hours wait to finally get through to them ... I was told they could not deal with my call as it was the compliance team that had my file now they also gave me a number .... I called it straight away and it took seconds for the lady to answer .... She was to say the least abrupt and not at all nice she informed me that my middle child had been taken off my claim as I needed to provided all records for her schooling between 2014 and the present day ... And that until I provided this I would get no other payments at all not even for my youngest who is 16 and defiantly in full time education ... She said they had written to me two months ago and did not believe that I had not received it...I was worried sick to say the least as had no idea how I would prove what had been happening as my middle child is autistic and had been in a group called stopgap who through no fault of her own had collapsed leaving me forced to home school her for 18 months so I had the time to get her medicated and on an even keel for a collage placement .... This home schooling was agreed by the education people but never written down ... My main problem was I could not contact the schools as they are all shut now for the holidays so I knew I would have no payments for months ... I just could not understand how we were going to survive until then .... After hours of trying to call anyone who could help I gave up and rang the compliance team again to tell them I had no chance of providing what they needed ... This time However I got through to a different lady .... I told her my issue ... I was terrified as the overpayment for my daughter with a disability would run to about £10,000 to £15,000 and with no chance of providing written proof about the home education I was stuffed .... This lady was wonderful she said lets see what we can do she wrote down exactly what I said and within five minutes said that's it case shut .... I honestly did not know what to say ... She said we are no longer interested in you and that all payments would be reinstated within two days ... And they were ... I even got a letter from them a day later telling me this ....the relief was amazing .... So I guess what I am saying is these people are not all bad ... The First Lady was horrible scared the life out of me but the second lady was polite and cheerful and put me at ease ... If when you first ring your left confused or frightened call them back speak to someone else .... Be honest and factual .... Write things down as then you won't forget any major points and read the comments on these pages as they will give you the confidence to confront them .... X

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