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Provisional licence application

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Margaret79 Sat 15-Aug-15 18:14:02

My old provisional licence was in my married name but has now expired, I'm wanting to apply for a new one in my maiden name even though I'm still married. Will I get in trouble for this
Here is a link that explains I have a right to use either name

MARTIN1 Sun 16-Aug-15 03:41:59

Don't worry, you won't get in to trouble.

goddessofsmallthings Sun 16-Aug-15 18:49:58

You won't be committing any offence by applying for a provisional licence in your maiden name .

If at some future date you wish to hire a car outside of the UK, you're best advised to ensure that the name shown on your full driving licence is the same as that shown on your passport otherwise you'll need to show your marriage certificate which means remembering to take it with you smile.

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