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Unsure whether to reply to letter

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WillItEverEndGodKnows Thu 13-Aug-15 16:33:22

After a long court process last year, my ex-h was only given indirect access to our children - access was he could write one letter a month to them. He's never bothered. Cafcass recommended this and the children (13, 11, 10) are adamant they don't want to see him.

There is no 'end date' on the order and I was granted residency too.

I've received a letter from his solicitor asking if I will now grant direct access or go to mediation. I don't want to do either. The children are happy. He has been in trouble a lot (got a 2 year suspended sentence, 2 harrassment orders, banned from keeping animals for 5 years, driving licence revoked).

Do I HAVE to reply? I can't afford a solicitor and basically just want things to carry on with the court order in place. I'm sick of it all.

Thanks if anyone can help. I've name-changed to protect my posting history as he knows I use MNet.

Bellemere Thu 13-Aug-15 18:18:42

No you don't have to. Out of courtesy I would send a very short letter saying you feel that the current order is in the children's best interests and have no desire to reopen litigation that is likely to distress the children.

WillItEverEndGodKnows Thu 13-Aug-15 18:25:11

Thank you for replying. I will do that, then at least they know I have received it.

I think he will probably take me back to court to try an get the order overturned or varied. I can only hope that he won't succeed especially due to his behaviour and criminal record.

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